a rolling stone gathers no moss

There is great truth in the saying that "A rolling stone gathers no moss." In the physical sense it simply means that moss is gathered only on those stones that remain for a long time at one place only. 

In the figurative sense this edge means that those people who keep away from responsibilities are not able to gather any wealth. If they remain stuck up only to their homes, earths they would not move away. Moving is progress. If a person starts a work and leaves it half done he wastes his time energy and wealth. To reap profits, to reap harvest a person should stick to one job one trade one profession. 

The skill and expertise that one earns by sticking to one job help him in the long run to earn profits and advantages. A person who is again and again changing his job would hardly establish his reputation in his field of specialization. Even an impatient person would be able to reap advantages if he sticks to one job for a pretty long time. The lesson of the saying, 

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" is that instead of moving from profession to profession, job to job, one should stick to one place so that the profit can be his. 92

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