Practice Makes a Man Perfect

There is no denying the fact that practice is the only foolproof method of attaining perfection in any field. There are two ways of learning-theoretical and practical. While a man learned and well-versed in theory might know everything that is there to know about anything, say a machine, 

it is possible that he may not be able to operate a machine about whose theory he has known almost everything. However this principle is valid not only in the case of engineering and technology, but also in all fields of knowledge. This is so in the realm of medicine, commerce and economics as well. 

A man might know all about the uses of money, he may even write a thesis of money-management. Yet it is very likely that in his personal life he might not be able to apply those principles about which he has written so much and so well. One might know all about the principles of commerce and yet might not to able to earn a rupee through commerce. 

A man might know all about the ailments of the body and yet he may not succeed in curing an ailing person. Mere theoretical knowledge, to say the least, in meaningless. It has to be supplemented with practical knowledge. Thus we can say that practice really makes a man perfect. >

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